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"Top Ten Reasons...for Site-Based Staff Development"

With Reading First, the early literacy component of NCLB, coaches are mandated as part of professional development requirements for each grant.
(Education Act, 2001)

Coaching teachers in their practice is the most powerful means to increase their knowledge and improve their practice. (Costa/Garmston, 1994)

The most expensive professional development experience is the one that teachers do not transfer to their classroom. (Pete/Fogarty, 2002)

Adult learning is too often reduced to pulling together hundreds of teachers to listen to an expert pontificate on a given subject. (Sweeney, 2003)

The people closest to the problem have the greatest chance of solving the problem. (Deming, 1992)

How a staff training is designed is the most important factor leading toward success. (Joyce/Showers1997)

If the subject is relevant, learners connect emotionally and emotions lead to cognition, to transfer and changes in practice. (Goleman, 1999)

Adults are practical learners. They want to know that what they are learning is connected to what is happening in their school/district. (Knowles, 1989)

A well-trained, highly qualified and quality minded teacher is the number one determinate in the success of students. (Sanders 2001)

Reason for Site Based Staff Development . . Site-based staff developers never get lost driving in from the airport!

These are just some of the reasons to come to the Planning and Designing Change for the Adult Learner Seminar

Designing Professional Development for the Inclusion Classroom Classroom