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The Right to Be Literate

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The Right To Be Literate - 6 Literacy Strategies for 21st Century Citizens

Believing that every child has the right to be literate, realized not just in what we say, but by what we do, is the driving force for this professional learning opportunity. If kids can’t, don’t or won’t read, school can become a nightmare not a vision of the future. The literacy game stays the same and at the same time, it has changed. The sameness is in skillfulness in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The difference is in the veil of technology, digital literacy and media literacy that enhance these standby skills. There is an enormous advancement in the mission and the management of how we teach literacy in the “touch screen world”. Learn how to integrate six, active, engaging literacy strategies with the rigorous standards adopted by the states. Capture the concept of literacy and
learning with these action-word phrases that highlight the Right To Be Literate passage for each and every student.

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The Right to Be Literate Professional Development Series

3 Sessions 30 Dynamic Classroom Strategies