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The Adult Learner

Working Across the Generations

Working with the adult learner requires knowledge of the characteristics of that adult learner and the skills to teach skillfully and effectively.

Do adults prefer learning alone? Do they seek learning as its own reward? Are adults eager to try new materials, learn through real-world problems and adapt ideas?  Just what do adult learners look for in their professional learning experiences? This session is based on, the book, The Adult Learner: Some Things We Know.

Using interactive strategies that “model the model” of working with the adult learner, this workshop delineates the characteristics of the adult learner, explores the complexities of change theory, and explains the essences of successful professional development. Leave with tools for immediate use and an understanding of how to design professional development in ways that honor the experiences adult learners bring to the learning.

•    Characteristics of the Adult Learner
•    Change Theory
•    Professional Development
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