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Ten Things New Teachers Need: Videos

Some mentors use the Ten Things New Teachers Need to Succeed booklet as a discussion starter at their monthly meetings., focusing on a single chapter concept each time. To enhance the discussion and inspire beginning teachers, I have identified clips from ten movies that might accompany or open the sessions.

Robin Fogarty, Ph.D.

To begin the entire series, I have selected a video from the television show, Saturday Night Live that presents a skit about teaching.

Prior to Working with Chapters

Focus: General: Quality Teaching

Video: Best of Seinfeld: Saturday Night Live: (Use entire skit of History Lesson)

Question: "How is this an example of quality teaching? How is it an example of
not so quality teaching? Why??

Ten Things New Teachers Need by Robin Fogarty

Chapter 1: A Knowing Colleague as Counsel.about the Policies, Practices, and "The Politics"!

Focus: Mentoring
Video: Finding Forrester (Clip of Forrester helping boy to learn how to write).
Question: How does this mentor demonstrate the power of one on one mentoring with examples from the film clip.

Chapter 2: A Place Called School and "My Room" for Kids to Grow and Groom and Zoom!

Focus: Climate/Enriched Environment
Video: Teacher (Clip of teacher role-playing Lincoln and Washington)
Question: Discuss how this teacher sets a safe-risk climate, with high expectations and creates enriched environment for learning.

Chapter 3: A Method for Managing 1500 Decisions on Your Seat and On Your Feet!

Focus: Expectations
Video: To Sir, With Love (Clip of classroom scene in which he lays down the rules
and sets high expectations for his students).
Question: Discuss the paradox of kids who break the rules, but really want structure, routine and clear parameters.

Chapter 4: A Discipline Plan That Works.on Paper and On Kids!

Focus: Discipline Plan
Video: Breakfast Club (Clip of kids meeting for the "breakfast club").
Questions: Discuss rules and the critical role of appropriate consequences.

Chapter 5: A Standard Understanding of the Almighty Standards!

Focus: Standards of Excellence
Video: The Paper Chase (Clip of Professor " rigorously grilling" a student).
Question: Discuss role of standards in terms of curriculum that has both rigor and richness.

Chapter 6: A Known Knowledge Base.of Core Curriculum Content!
Focus: Lifelong Learning
Video: Dead Poet's Society (Clip of teacher telling kids to rip out the pages as a dramatic way of talking about what he values as curriculum).
Question: How does this teacher address the core curricular content?

Chapter 7: A Fail-Safe Lesson Design for Teachers to Teach and Learners to Learn
Focus: Teach Them! Coach Them!
Video: Stand and Deliver (Clip of Jamie Escalante teaching an addition trick)
Questions: "What are the elements of a good lesson design and how/why are these elements are vital to effective instruction?

Chapter 8: A Repertoire of Teaching Strategies. Different Strokes for Different Folks!
Focus: Differentiation
Video: Mr. Holland's Opus (Clip of Mr. Holland teaching the boy how to play the drums in the marching band.
Question: How did Mr. Holland differentiate instruction for this boy?

Chapter 9: A Love Affair With Assessment. Rubrics are Our New Best Friend!
Focus: Performance
Video: Music of the Heart (Clip in which high standards and quality are clearly represented through the music).
Question: What criteria are evident in quality musical performances and how do
they relate to academic criteria?

Chapter 10: A Winning Way with Report, to Relate, and to Celebrate
Focus: Parents/Community
Video: Pay It Forward (Scenes when mother first meets teacher).
Question: How might teachers invite parents to participate in school