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Seminar Presenters 


Robin Fogarty

Robin is President of Robin Fogarty and Associates, Ltd., a Chicago-based, minority-owned, educational publishing/consulting company. Robin received her doctorate in curriculum and human resource development from Loyola University of Chicago

A leading proponent of the thoughtful classroom, Robin has trained educators throughout the world in curriculum, instruction and assessment strategies.

She has taught at all levels, from kindergarten to college, served as an administrator, and consulted with state departments and ministries of education in the United States, Puerto Rico, Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Great Britain, Singapore, Korea and the Netherlands.

Robin has published articles in Educational Leadership, Phi Delta Kappan and the Journal of Staff Development.  She is the author, numerous publications, including Brain-Compatible Classrooms, Ten Things New Teachers Need, Literacy Matters, How to Integrate the Curricula, The Adult Learner, A Look at Transfer, Close the Achievement Gap, Twelve Brain Principles, Nine Best Practices, and From Staff Room to Classroom: Planning and Coaching Professional Learning.

Brian Pete

Brian is co-founder of Robin Fogarty & Associates, an educational publishing company and president of, The Education Associates, an international consulting firm. He comes from a family of educators: college professors, school superintendents, teachers and teachers of teachers. He has a rich background in professional development and and has worked in and videotaped classroom teachers and professional experts in schools throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

He has an eye for the “teachable moment” and the words to describe what he sees as skillful teaching.  Brian’s work on educational videos include, Best Practices: Classroom Management and Best Practices: Active Learning Classrooms. 

He is co-author of five books: Data Driven Decisions, Twelve Principles that Make the Difference, Nine “Best Practices” That Make the Difference, The Adult Learner and A Look at Transfer. His most recent publication is, From Staff Room to Classroom: A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Learning

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