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From Staff Room to Classroom: Level V

The Principal's Staff Meetings

Robin Fogarty & Associates, Ltd. Professional Development


Principals are the instructional leaders of the schools. Period! That is the premiere role, among the many other hats they wear as, plant managers, teacher advocates, community liaisons and champions of their student body. Principals are the “keepers of quality!” They are the scouts on the lookout for quality teaching and quality learning. When principals do their building “Walk-throughs” and “Lookfors”, they are scanning for best practices and engaged learning models. The are the connoisseurs (Eisner,  ) of  educational excellence; the experts tasting and sampling the flavors of the day, elegantly showcased in every classroom along the corridors of a bustling building. With that mission in mind, what better professional development could there be, than a timely and relevant leadership PD, designed specifically for principals, as the reigning instructional leaders?

The focus of this two-day, RFA Leadership Seminar, explores the concept of creating an agenda of “meetings that matter”. “ Model the, “Lookfors” you want to see,” is the sum and essence of the content focus, for the administrative leadership who chose to attend. Just look, for a minute at the significance of “teachable moment” principals have. It’s called the faculty meeting!  If there is one thing that is a given, in any school across this global community, that principals do every week, all year long, it is that weekly staff meeting.

Principals, assistant principals, vice-principals, new principals and seasoned principals, or even those who are interning as principals or mentoring new principals, are all eager to have targeted time to focus on this all important role as the instructional leader of the teaching team. It is a time for these leaders to learn how to exploit every opportunity they have with their staff, to model “best practices” for active, engaged student learning. By sharing a quality instructional strategy as they disperse the critical information, they model the very strategies they expect to see as they walk through the classrooms. Included is this dynamic RFA seminar is a compendium of best practices that are, research-based and ready for immediate use from the staff room to the classroom.

Learn at this professional seminar, uniquely designed with the instructional leader, in mind.” Learn from the "teachers' teacher”, the foremost interpreter of cutting edge educational theories into k12 classroom practices. Learn how to capture their attention, captivate them with the information and close with keepers. Leave with facilitation tools and techniques that bring learning alive in the staff room and in the classroom. Leave with 36 proven ideas for teachers to, “Take Away” to their classroom. Leave with a portfolio full of ideas to “make your meetings matter”.