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From Staff Room to Classroom: Level I

Planning and Designing Change for the Adult Learner

Robin Fogarty & Associates, Ltd. Professional Development   


Teaching teachers and reaching teachers are two different things. We know that the most expensive in-service is the one that teachers do not apply in the classroom. So, we have developed a cost-effective way to bring staff development to your site. Your team will have the skills to reach teachers with techniques they will learn in the workshop, So, You Wannabe a Staff Developer Seminar, sometimes referred to as, The Anatomy of a Workshop.

We train your team in the skills and strategies needed to conduct and coach on-site professional learning sessions. In this four-day seminar, participants learn four skills of the staff developer. They learn how to create, present, facilitate, and mediate professional development programs for immediate on-site use.

In brief, this research-based, user-friendly, four-day professional learning experience begins with Knowles' ideas about the adult learner and some things we know about how to best work with them.

The focus then shifts to Fullan's, "change theory" and to Guskey's "change through professional development model". In turn, this leads to the National Staff Development Council-supported elements of effective staff development and how to design the training modeled on the research of Joyce and Showers. In closing, the content then highlights, Fogarty's six levels of transfer and Fogarty and Pete's seven strategies for transfer that help learners apply the ideas in their classrooms.