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Past Participant Comments: Level I Seminar in Santa FE, NM

Thank you so much for the rewarding 4 days of professional development. I brought my team of 6 coach/staff developers in hopes of learning several strategies to improve their presentation skills. Instead, we discovered so much more! We walked away with a structure and tools for effective planning of staff development; we now talk a common language about the adult learner and how teachers can transfer workshop training into the classroom; and we polished our presentations skills so we have adults in our workshops "doing most of the talking and learning".

The 4 days spent at "So You Wannabe a Staff Developer" has given our coaches / staff development team the strategies and tools to achieve our vision. We are committed to moving our teachers and our professional development from "Good to Great", a vision our district has adopted from the book by Jim Collins. Your workshop was invaluable in our quest to increase student achievement through the highest quality staff development. I would recommend that any school district looking for real improvement in professional development bring their coaching team to your workshop, "So You Wannabe a Staff Developer". Personally, it has been the best workshop I have attended in all my years of education.

Rick Bartkowski
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Ceres, CA Unified School District