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From Staff Room to Classroom: Level V

The Principal's Staff Meetings

Robin Fogarty & Associates, Ltd. Professional Development


To experience active, engaged learning
To examine the role of modeling strategies in the staff room
To explore specific tools and techniques that transfer into the classroom
To practice using the "modeled look-fors" as targets for walk-throughs

Day 1

Opening: Overview of Staff Meetings as Mini-PD Sessions
Defining and Describing Active, Engaged Learning Strategies
Unpacking the Mini-PD Presentation
Openers, Middles, Closers - In A Nutshell
Staff Meeting Agenda Topics

Day 2

A Reader's Theater - From Literacy Matters Introduction
Reflective Questions
Journals for Reflective Practice
Problem Scenarios
Generating Valid, Reliable Look-Fors
Delineating Protocols for Walk-Throughs
Closure Activity