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From Staff Room to Classroom: Level II

Coaching For Transfer

Robin Fogarty & Associates, Ltd. Professional Development 

Day 1- Defining the Role

Defining the Coaching Roles 
Revisit Adult Learner
Change Theory: The Tipping Point
Formal Mentor-Theoretical Sage
Master Teacher-Master Practitioner
Collegial Coach-Peer Coach
Coaching Conference
Six Levels of Transfer
Tiny Transfer Book
Educating Esme
The Bungee Jump – Video Clip

Day 2- Developing Strategies

Developing a Repertoire of Coaching Strategies
Observing in the Classroom / Modeling a Strategy
Dialoging and Reflecting
Identifying Needs / Analyzing a Video-taped Lesson
Examining Student Work
Managing Data, Dialogue and Decisions Learning with a Book Study
Journaling for Reflective Practices
Step Book / Pocket Book
Remember the Titans – Video Clip  

Day 3- Fostering Transfer

Understanding Transfer
Transfer Theory / Bo Peep, Black Sheep, Good Shepherd
Simple and Complex Transfer
Some Things, Some How, Somewhere
Utilizing Research-based Transfer Strategies
Seven Steps to Transfer / Hugging and Bridging Strategies
Coaching the Six Levels of Transfer
Awareness and Self-Appraisal / Dialogue Questions
Magic Book   
Motivation Man – Video Clip