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From Staff Room to Classroom: Level I

Planning and Designing Change for the Adult Learner

Robin Fogarty & Associates, Ltd. Professional Development  

Seminar Agenda

 Day 1

Orientation Notebook
Human Graph
Adult Learner
Change Theory
Cast of Characters
Workshop to Workshop

The Adult Learner

Day 2

Professional Development/Ranking
Training Model
RT Angle Thinking
Four Roles of the Staff Developer
T Charts
Workshop to Workshop
Fishbone Analysis
Priority Less is More!

Speaking with Confidence

Day 3

Presenting Best/Worst
Facilitating Carousel
Mediating Transfer
Birds of Transfer - Jigsaw
Seven Transfer Strategies
Workshop to Workshop
Training Model
Model/Flow Chart

* Theory
* Demonstration
* Practice
* Feedback
* Coaching
Seven Transfer Strategies

Day 4

Bridging Snapshots
Visual Metaphor
Revisit Rubric
Micro-Training 1 thru 6
Q and A
Workshop to WOrkshop
Action Plan
Conference Proposal