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Teach Thinking Skills

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South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards

"Every student can be thinking at grade level."

We believe that to make a difference in student achievement with the SC CC Standards is to address the rigor of the thinking skills that thread these robust standards. Teaching students explicitly how to think - to analyze critically, to hypothesize with confidence, to clarify with purpose, to make inferences that matter is the mark of college and career-readiness. Grounded in the key elements of the SC CC Standards, this introductory overview explores the power of a mindful, literacy-filled curriculum across all disciplines. Using the key explicit thinking skills, rigor is front and center in this workshop.

Objectives and Outcomes:

• Celebrating the Hallmarks of the SC CC Standards

• Understanding the SC CC Standards Framework of Standards

• A Focus on the Inquiry-based Literacy Standards

• Determining How to Unpack / Repack Layered Performance Tasks

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