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School Leader's Guide to the Common Core:

 Achieving Results Through Rigor and Relevance

 James A. Bellanca, Robin J. Fogarty, Brian M. Pete, Rebecca L. Stinson 

 Implement the Common Core State Standards with downloadable reproducibles, lists of resources to  support the many topics affected, discussion questions, and relevant information to share with your  colleagues. Explore the background of the standards and the changes that must take place to meet  them.  The authors offer five principles for school leaders on effective coaching and feedback.

 - Understand the CCSS and your role implementing them into the English language arts and  mathematics  curricula.
 - Gain tips and strategies to support teachers, and create long-term professional learning as schools  adopt  the CCSS.
 - Select the best assessment tools to study and track student progress.
 - Access reproducibles, discussion questions, and other resources to support CCSS implementation and  maintenance.
 - Use models of classroom observations to foster collaborative conversations about teaching and  learning.
 - Learn and apply guidelines for effective coaching and feedback strategies. 

School Leaders Guide to Common Core Achieving Results Through Rigor and Relevance  
Item# 9504   $24.95  

How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core:

Seven Key Student Proficiencies of the New National Standards

Jim Bellanca, Robin Fogarty & Brian Pete

Packed with examples and tools, this practical guide prepares teachers across all grade levels and content areas to teach the  most critical cognitive skills from the Common Core State Standards. Discover a doable three-phase model of explicit teaching, guided practice in content-based lessons, and authentic application in standards-based performance tasks that will strengthen students' ability to learn across the curriculum.


- Discover the desired student proficiencies of the CCSS: critical thinking, creative thinking, complex thinking, comprehensive thinking, collaborative thinking, communicative thinking, and cognitive transfer.

- Explore phase I, Talk-Through, during which teachers explicitly teach students a critical thinking skill.

- Utilize the content-based lessons included in phase II, Walk-Through, when specific guidance will ensure proper application of the skill.

- Learn how to make a direct connection between the selected thinking skill and the new standards with the CCSS performance tasks modeled in phase III.

- Take advantage of online and print resources, a glossary, reproducibles, reflection questions, and more.

Description of the Common Core Professional Development Series!

Teaching Thinking Skills Within the Common Core  
Item# 9503   978-1-936674-07-5 $29.95  

Supporting Differentiated Instruction

A Professional Learning Communities Approach

Supporting differentiated instruction, is about different strokes for different folks. It’s about different entry points and ends points to learning. Differentiation is about change, challenge and choice in today’s classroom.

- Develop a differentiated lesson
- Differentiate a curriculum unit
- Use three measures to differentiate assessments
- Learn tools for ongoing PLC team work

Differentiation + PLCs  
Item# 9502   978-1-935249-55-9 $29.95  

From Staff Room to Classroom

The One-Minute Professional Development Planner

Brian Pete & Robin Fogarty

Based on their vast experience conducting professional development sessions, Brian Pete and Robin Fogarty present 144 strategies for leading workshops, professional learning communities, and staff meetings. 208 pages

Staff Room II  
Item# N8038   978-1-4129-7499-8 $34.95  

From Staff Room to Classroom
A Guide for Planning and Coaching Professional Development

Robin Fogarty & Brian Pete

This book shares deep expertise with tools to successfully guide staff to the highest levels of effectiveness, ultimately leading to greater student achievement. - 154 pgs.
From Staff Room to Classroom  
Item# N8001   978-1-4129-2604-1 $31.95  

Literacy Matters, 2nd edition
Strategies Every Teacher Can Use

Robin Fogarty

15 practical literacy approaches that teachers can use across all content areas are introduced.  This guide explores proven methods for teaching metacognition, creating literature circles, involving parents, tapping into prior knowledge and using technology. - 82 pgs.
Literacy Matters, 2nd ed  
Item# N8002   978-1-4129-3891-4 $25.95  

Ten Things New Teachers Need To Succeed, 2nd ed.

Robin Fogarty

A quick reference tool on everything from writing rubrics to talking with parents to planning for the unexpected.  Words of wisdom, practical advice, and action steps for success are distilled from the teaching experience of Robin Fogarty. - 40 pgs. (5in x 9in)
Ten Things New Teachers Need  
Item# N3304   978-1-4129-3893-8 $21.95  

Blueprints for Achievement

in the Cooperative Classroom

Robin Fogarty & Jim Bellanca

Cooperative learning creates high achieving classrooms.  In this edition, "blueprints" for student achievement are research-based, practical and easy to use in the K12 classroom.  From forming and norming, to storming and performing, there are small group strategies that yield results for all                                            students. - 348 pgs.
Blueprints for Achievement  
Item# 4404   978-1-57151754-8-5 $44.95  


Brain Compatible Classrooms

Robin Fogarty

Brain research informs educational practice. This teacher-friendly guide bridges the physiology, the principles, and the strategies for immediate classroom use.  The "Four-Corner Framework" organizes "best practices" for, of, with, and about thinking for the high standards classroom. - 288 pgs.

Brain Compatible Classrooms  
Item# N4401   978-1-4129388-7-7 $38.95  

Designs for Cooperative Interactions

Robin Fogarty

Designed for the middle school and high school teacher, twelve strategies are presented.  Make your ýlectureý more interactive as you move into cooperative learning structures that work. - 80 pgs.
Designs for Cooperative Interactions  
Item# 1478   978-0-9329352-8-1 $25.95  

How to Integrate the Curricula

Robin Fogarty

Through curriculum integration, teachers design robust models of learning that help students achieve the standards of learning set by their states.  In this new edition, there are ten practical models for teachers to begin the conversation about curriculum integration within and across the various content area. - 125 pgs.
How to Integrate the Curricula  
Item# N4403   978-1-4129388-9-1 $31.95  

Integrating the Curricula with Multiple Intelligences

Robin Fogarty & Judy Stoehr

This unique and practical book combines Gardner's eight multiple intelligences and Fogarty's ten curriculum integration models to develop activities for building teams, exploring themes and threading life skills through the subject matter content. - 214 pgs.
Integrating the Curricula with Multiple Intelligences  
Item# N4402   978-1-4129-5553-9 $38.95  

Problem-Based Learning

Robin Fogarty

What could be more beneficial to students than to teach them real-life skills?  This easy-to-read book presents six innovative curriculum frameworks, including service learning, that use the problems of the outside world to promote higher-order thinking and relevant transfer. - 168 pgs.
Problem Based Learning  
Item# 1464   978-1-57151706-7-1 $33.00  

The Portfolio Connection

Kay Burke, Robin Fogarty & Susan Belgrad

A portfolio shows how the student's work evolves overtime.  This how-to book details the purposes and types of portfolios, the 10 steps in developing portfolios, starting with, #1 collect, #2 select, and #3 reflect and practical ideas for implementing portfolios. - 248 pgs.
The Portfolio Connection  
Item# 4407   978-1-4129-5974-2 $42.95