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Supporting Differentiated Instruction:

A Professional Learning Community Approach

Supporting differentiated instruction, is not about teaching louder and slower. It’s about having an assortment of teaching tactics to meet the diverse needs of students. It’s about different strokes for different folks. It’s about different entry points and ends points to learning. Differentiation is about change, challenge and choice in today’s classroom: Change the content! Change the process! Change the product! Differentiation is about standards-based learning and high quality teaching.


With that in mind, Supporting Differentiated Instruction: A Professional Learning Communities (PLC) Approach, provides targeted tools and techniques specifically designed for use within the culture of a professional learning community. Throughout the professional learning, “Action Options”, are introduced, practiced and offered for collaborative teams to choose to use in their team sessions as they practice the skills and embrace the spirit of a learning organization.


These experiences lay the mind work and the groundwork needed to implement rich and robust differentiated instruction in the various classrooms. The delineated process provides foundational experiences for professional learning community teams to define, describe, and design and deliver, differentiated instruction that has consistency across teacher teams and student clusters. This professional learning targets an entire school or various school teams from a district seeking a sustained, job-embedded, collegial approach to their ongoing work for student success in professional learning communities.

- Develop a differentiated lesson

- Differentiate a curriculum unit

- Use three measures to differentiate assessments

      - Learn tools for ongoing PLC team work

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