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Presentation/Facilitation Skills

Strategies for Interactive PD

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Did You Know? A presenter has 90% seconds to make that good impression!  Skillful facilitation requires “on your feet” decisions about pacing and purpose!

How does the expert present information with wit, with authority and with ease? What makes an effective, “Sage on the Stage"?  How does the presenter share his/her knowledge base with skill and grace?  In turn, how does the skillful facilitator guide the professional development plan, monitor moment-to-moment pacing, and determine the wants and needs of the groups?  In this session, participants polish basic presentation tools: Opening with Pizzazz, The Heart of the Matter and Closing with Keepers. At the same time, participants learn the skills of the "guide on the side”:  Inviting the Interaction, Involving all Participants and Interpreting the Enduring Results of the Group Effort?  Using a powerful tool called the Morphological Grid, participants develop presentation outlines that move them beyond their usual comfort zones and into creative presentations that engage their colleagues.

                                           •    Opening with Pizazz
                                           •    Heart of the Matter
                                           •    Closing with Keepers
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