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Problem-based Learning

for 21st Century Citizens

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Problem-based Learning for 21st Century Citizens

Here is the big secret about PBL . . . It’s not that complicated! It's time to transform instruction with enriched Problem-based Learning in a Nutshell. Moving toward relevance in the curriculum that uses 21st Century, real-world applications, student inquiry models are front and center-problem-based, project, and service learning are among the most frequently cited. It’s easy to get started with tools already familiar to teachers today: graphic organizers, essential questions, rich and relevant content, rigorous thinking skills, digital-rich tools for searching and researching, collaborative team work and presentation skills. Simply put: PBL is like DIY (Do It Yourself) projects- Do It-to-Learn-It, 21st Century methodology, rather, than Learn It-to-Do-It, 20th Century traditions.

Objectives and Outcomes: Participants will:

  • Develop Question-Collect, Reflect, Select

  • Gather Resources- Search, Research, Network

  • Organize Information-Notes, Graphics, Outline

  • Create Evidence-Project, Problem-based, Service Learning

  • Present Findings-Product, Presentation, Performance

  • Assess Learning –Traditional, Portfolio, Rubrics