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More Information on Response to Intervention

Thank you for your interest in the Robin Fogarty & Associates' email on the RTI Planning Conference in Santa Fe, NM, May 5-8, 2009. I thought you might want to know a few more details about the actual content focus of the conference sessions, so I have included additional information for your review.

The May Conference design is focused on RTI because, as you know,  RTI is a predominant initiative for many schools and districts targeting for available federal funding and grant monies. The Gates Foundation will be pumping $7.5M into RTI initiatives through the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO).


A free online introductory course to RTI is available at

Kansas adapted the pyramid model so that it is shaded (gradient) with no lines to represent the tiers (representative of moving from no interventions to more intense intervention)  

David Tilley-Heartland Area Educational Agency -"RTI is “an ongoing school improvement framework”; “more about evolution than revolution” ;  “a commitment to principles”


The four-day session weaves the RTI  focus throughout the foundational strategies of sound, best practices for PD. The intent is to help district teams develop a plan or revise and fine-tune their plan for implementing a comprehensive, Response to Intervention Framework and to provide ideas for the RTI rollout (or continued roll out) to staff.  The centerpiece of RTI is its tiered model of intervention.  In this workshop, participants explore three distinct levels of instructional approaches that address student needs:


      Tier I: Prevention-All Day, All Students         Tier 2: Intervention-Flexible Skill Groupings         Tier 3: Intense Attention. One-on-One Time  

Teams will discuss viable programs and strategies already in place in their schools, incorporate new ideas for intervening and supporting student learning, make decisions on tools and techniques for monitoring student progress, designating appropriate program content for Tier, Tier 2, and Tier 3 (and Tier 4, if that is your  state or district model) and finally, planning some initial PD to share their RTI Frameworks with staff in meaningful and practical ways.

Designed with the site-based staff developers in mind...Principals, PLC leaders, Literacy, Math Coaches, Team Leaders,Master Teachers, Mentors, Staff Developers, Curriculum Leaders, Department Head, this is the time your team needs to put a plan in place for a comprehensive Response to Intervention Program!

Please let me know if there is anything else you need to help you make a decision to attend this timely and  targeted conference.

Call today. Reserve seats for your team at the Santa Fe RTI May Conference.

PS, In addition, RFA offers professional development opportunitIes to introduce your staff to the RTI Framework concept. This might be a great starting point as the school year opens. It will set  in place the conceptual understandings to build upon throughout the year, as your RTI implementation work unfolds.