Ideas > Making the Little Books

Directions: The Little Book

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in half the short way (a hamburger bun or a taco fold). Then fold it in half again, into four corners; and fold it in half one more time. When you open the paper it will have 8 sections on it.

  2. Now, fold the paper again into the hamburger bun.  Keep the fold at the top and tear along the center vertical through the fold to the horizontal mark, half way down. If you did this correctly, there should be a hole in the middle of the paper that you can look through.

  3. After the tear has been made, refold the paper the long way, like a hot dog bun or a burrito.  The fold and the hole are on the top.

  4. Hold both ends of the hotdog fold and push the ends toward the center, (your hands are pushing toward each other), until all four sections touch.  It looks kind of like a pinwheel.

  5. Then, gently fold the pages around and you have a little book with a cover and seven pages.

  6. Put the ragged edges on the bottom and you are ready to make a cover.

Magic Book: Instructions

  1. Each person needs two single sheets of ditto paper.

  2. Fold the first sheet in half (hamburger style) and tear the sheet in half.

  3. Save one half and tear it in half again, making two strips of equal length and width.  Save the two strips and put the half aside.

  4. Take the second whole sheet of paper and fold it in half like a hamburger bun fold.

  5. Then, fold both sides back toward the fold creating "wings" or the letter "w" if you look at it from the end.

  6. Grasp the middle section of the same piece of paper, between the two wings and mark off two spots to create thirds.

  7. Now, tear the two marked spots through the fold to the mark.  When you are done they should look like three teeth.

  8. Now, open the torn paper and weave the two strips through the sections on each side.

  9. After the weaving is done, fold the book together with the six sections in the middle, giving it a good crease.

  10. Carefully find the middle and open to these six sections; close it again.

  11. Carefully find the two edges beneath the six sectioned middle and pull those far edges out to see the big "magic" page, hidden behind the six sections.

  12. The "Magic Book" is ready for the note-taking activity.