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Literacy Matters

Skills to Support Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

If kids can’t, won’t or don’t read, nothing else matters!

Literacy matters across all content.  We are not all reading teachers, but we are all teachers of literacy.  The ability to read and write, to speak and listen, to use language to communicate; the ability to read about history, scientific discoveries and mathematical theories, to critique great literature and to debate a telling point; the ability to speak eloquently, to hear and be heard, to write with clarity, these are academic performances embraced by all teachers.  Join this session and begin the conversation about literacy across the content.  Leave with strategies for guided reading, in both narrative and informational texts, that every teacher can use to support literacy. 

Based on research-based, "best practices" from a text entitled, Literacy Matters, this is a professional development opportunity for K-12 teachers across the disciplines, to begin to learn simple and effective strategies that foster literacy in their classrooms.

Participants leave with dynamic classroom strategies ready for immediate back-home use.

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