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We will be back in the GCC August and September 2017!

August Dates


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NESA - Dubai International - Shakia Hessa Girls School - Al Raja School


Schools represented

Shaikha Hessa Girls Schools / Naseem International School / Ibn Khuldoon National School /

Bahrain Bayan School  / Hawar International School / Al Hussan International School/Saudi Arabia

Comments from delegates attending Differentiation and Formative Assessment

“Thank you very much for all your hard work in explaining and planning the session.”

“Really enjoyable learning experience. I want to be in contact with the facilitators to share my learning experience and get more ideas on a regular basis.”

“Very interesting workshop – We hope to see you again.”

“Thank you for your great and amazing presentation.”

“It was very engaging and informative.”

 “It was a wonderful course, full of methods    and new strategies."

“Amazing interactive PD.”

“It was an awesome experience, an awesome time. Thank you! Lot’s of “cool” new strategies.”

“Have had lots of fun learning concepts that are relevant to issues we facing today.”

“Very engaging had a great time and learned a lot.”

“Great session. Very valuable, lots of useful ideas.”

“It was simply good!

“It was a nice time, learning valuable new strategies and ideas.”

“It was an engaging workshop.”

“Time flies when you are having fun; although a lot of learning took place.”

“Quite a learning experience, thank you so much.”

“It has been a privilege learning from you.”

“Really great strategies and ideas – this has really had an impact on how I think about my classroom.”

“Very engaging – lots of strategies I can use immediately.”