Keynote Addresses on Education

Inspire, motivate

A "keynote" address is a formal presentation to inspire minds and to motivate action.  The  keynote address provides the overall context and sets the appropriate tone for the occasion. Usually about one hour in length, a keynote is often delivered as an informative and thought-provoking talk. If the session is more than one hour in length, it is considered a "general session" that becomes  more interactive  and activity-oriented, with group discussions and partner dialogues interspersed throughout the presentation.

Consulting Fees: $1500-$5000/day

Request an RFA Professional Development Proposal that includes:

  • a customized professional development agenda

  • complete descriptions of the professional development content

  • biographical information of the consultant or consultant team

  • professional references and/or testimonials

  • an all inclusive, total cost quote (fees, travel/lodging expenses)

  • a "bottom line", one page, sample agreement for services