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Invite! Excite! Ignite!

13 Principles for Teaching, Learning and Leading in the K-12 Classroom


It doesn’t matter what programs teachers are using. What matters to them is getting back to teaching.

Getting Back to Teaching: Invite! Excite! Ignite! is that sustained, job-embedded, professional opportunity. Leadership teams customize the series to district or school professional goals, choosing the sequence and emphasis that fit their needs best. Series choices include four phases of school renewal topics:

1) Getting Back to Teaching

2) Expectations

3) Engagement

4) Empowerment.

As the 4-day series rolls out over the year, immediate signs of positive results prove that “getting back to teaching” is the catalyst needed to freshen teaching strategies and refresh student engagement. Recommended as a year-long Strategic PD Plan for Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring 2016-2017, these professional experiences are shown in a possible sequence, however, the four workshops are entirely interchangeable.

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Let's All Get Back to Teaching

  Summer - School Opening:  Getting Back to Teaching: Invite! Excite! Ignite!

    About Getting Back to Teaching

  Fall - Getting Back to Teaching: Invite! High Expectations     

    About Honoring Teachers and Learners

  Winter - Getting Back to Teaching: Excite! Powerful Engagement 

    About Inviting Student Involvement

  Spring - Getting Back to Teaching: Ignite! Authentic Empowerment

    About Student Agency & Ownership