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Formative Assessments Lead to Differentiated Instruction 

Data-driven instructional decisions are only possible when based on feedback from ongoing classroom assessments, as well as the hard data from the summative assessments available through the district. These formative assessments literally inform teacher practice with insights about the talents and needs on the students. That is the data that allows teachers to modify their classroom practices effectively to meet the diverse needs of students. Why does the formative assessment work? It’s filled with student feedback for reflecting, teaching and coaching youngsters?

Formative assessment is when the chef tastes the soup. He can still do something about it. It’s feedback that is actionable. On the other hand, summative assessment is when the customer tastes the soup. It’s too late. The judgment has been made. It’s critical in today’s diverse classroom, functioning with high-level standards-based curriculum, that the data that tells us what is working, what is not. Then it can be integrated into the everyday teaching, learning cycle of the of the high performing classroom. 

With the data, professional dialogs, provide opportunities to work collaboratively to make decisions about how to modify, adjust, accommodate student learning based on the data, whether formative or summative. Perhaps, by getting teachers to think and talk about the difference using this metaphor of the chef and the soup, it will help clarify the inextricable link between feedback-driven instruction and the final judgment of “the test”. 

Help your teachers embrace the connection between formative assessments and differentiating or modifying their instruction with ongoing “informative assessment that drives differentiated instruction in their classrooms.           

Objectives and Outcomes:

Integrate Routine, Every Day, Every Way Assessments

Include ReflectiveMetacognitive Assessments

Practice Rigorous, Professional Assessments Tactics

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