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 RFA Professional Development (PD) Best Practices

 - Sustained over time

 - Job-embedded; on-site support; peer coaching

 - Collegial and collaborative

 - Interactive and hands-on

 - Integrated with text, video, online, etc.

 - Practical; immediate application

 - Results-oriented; instructional focus

RFA  Professional Development (PD) Options:

 - One day sessions - great to kick - off initiative

 - Multiple - days sessions - fosters depth of learning

 - Saturday/Sunday sessions - alleviates need for subs

 - Summer sessions - Away from front - line action; time to think

 - Online course work - Initiates or support Face to Face PD

RFA Consultants and Staff:

 - Work collaboratively with you!

 - Consider relevant school demographics!

 - Address your specific school data!

 - Tailor the PD to your site needs!

 - Finalize all details (contract, stipends, books, etc)

 - Complete a one-page agreement for your review.

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