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Common Core State Standards

While every school is preparing for the Common Core, every school is not at the same place in their implementation process. The RFA PD Series allows each school to select the Professional Development option that is best for their teachers and their students.
Each of these One Day Sessions has the Robin Fogarty quality assurance.
- Knowledge of the Common Core State Standards
- A Syllabus of Seven Thinking Skill
- A Proven Model for Explicit Teaching of a Thinking Skill
- Application of Thinking Skills to Classroom Lessons
- Over 20 Engaging Strategies to Implement and Assess CCSS
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Thinking Skills in the Common Core: Getting Started the Right Way!
Standards, Exemplars & Performance Tasks: Key Components
Instruction to Performance: Student Mastery
Strategies that Engage: Student Centered Learning
High Frequency Thinking Skills: 21st Century Schooling

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Mastering Complex Text & Close Reading: Digging Deeper with Rigor!
Narrative and Informational Complex Text: Meeting the Challenge
Close Reading Strategies for Analysis: Going Deeper
Text Dependent Questions: Questions that Matter
Rigorous Text to Performance: Literacy Success

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Formative Assessment & Feedback: Knowing What Students Know!
Higher Order Questions: It’s Never Too Early
Feedback for Thinking: More Feedback
Classroom Assessments: Everyday Assessments
Reflective Thinking: Students Learning about Learning

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Designing Thematic Integrated Units: Learning with Real World Relevance!
CCSS Curriculum Units: RePack the Standards
Essential Questions: Discover Deeper Meaning
Big Ideas and Themes: Clustering Standards
Explicit Teaching of Thinking Skills: Threaded Across Content

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Leading in the Common Core: Guiding the Process of Change!
A Strategic Plan: Effective Professional Development
Instructional Rigor: Model Strategies for the Classroom
PD Designs: Every Staff Meeting for School Goals
Coaching and Feedback: Supporting Teachers Growth


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Here is the book everyone is talking about!

How to Teaching Thinking Skills With in the Common Core
7 Key Student Proficiencies of the New National Standards
Bellanca, Fogarty & Pete
Solution Tree Press
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