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The target goals of the RFA Conference, Leading Schools on the Brink of Greatness, are focused on supporting leaders, teachers and students, also on the brink of greatness, in the transformation of their schools. Think about this, all stakeholders have been working hard and working smart since the Common Core State Standards began. We are doing a good job. It’s getting better.

Leaders executed the framework that put the Common Core in place. Teachers implemented the new national standards through collegial conversations, collaborations and eventually with celebrations. Students did their part, too, by striving earnestly to achieve the rigor required to raise the bar on assignments, achievement and of course, on the assessments.

Now, it’s time to move forward, again. Register for this unique Think Tank in July 2017 in the Greatest City in America!. Experience what happens when your entire leadership team synchronizes their efforts across the school with this elegant and achievable mission: moving your school for good to great.

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Schools Are On the Brink of Greatness!

Are You Ready to Be Great?

The registration fee includes all conference expenses as listed below.
    • One Strategic PD Plan: High Tech High Touch, High Thought Classrooms
    • Two Dynamic Books: Best Sellers on Teaching Thinking/ Staff Room to Classroom I
    • Three Days of Expert Input/Team Output for Customized Support
    • Three Phase Model: Thinking Skills-Talk-through, Walk-through, Drive-through
    • Four Inquiry Strategies: Big Idea Themes, Essential Questions, Stakeholder Role, PBL, 
    • Additional Books on Leading and Presenting at the Conference Discount
    • Four Bookmarks with Tips on Best Practices for Differentiated Classrooms
    • Team Appointments with the Conference Leaders for Coaching Transfer
    • Real Networking Time with Teams and with the Group of Dedicated Educators
    • Breakfast and Lunch for the 3 days; Dinner on own with restaurants galore
    • Optional Bonus Session on Professional Writing for Publication

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