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Brian Pete, M.A. 

Brian M. Pete Educated at DePaul University of Chicago, Brian comes from a family of educators. He has a rich background in professional development, has worked, exclusively, with the adult learner for the past fifteen years in schools throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

Brian is co-author of From Staff Room to Classroom I and II, Supporting Differentiated Instruction, How to Teach Thinking Skills, School Leader’s Guide and The Right to Be Literate.

Brian is a trained chef, loves to read about history and politics, is an avid golfer and is a proud rider of a Harley. Originally from Oregon, Brian keeps in touch with his 7 brothers about all kinds of sports-basketball, football and baseball. His nephew Brian idolizes his Uncle Brian and has been a summer intern with RFA for the past 6 years.                                                              Download Flyer for Brian

Brian Pete is known for his engaging presentations, his depth of knowledge, his sense of timing, reflective insights and the wit and humor he brings to the audience.  

His latest Professional Development Topics:

The Right To Be Literate - 6 Strategies for 21st Century Citizens,

Teach for the Test of Life: Not Just for the Test

Who's Doing the Talking? The Student-Centered Classroom

PBL-In-A-Nutshell - Problem-based Learning for 21st Century.

Comments from participants in Brian's trainings . . .


How to combine what we already know and add Common Core and create our best work. “Not to fear Common Core.”

The real world, common sense instruction techniques.

By far one of the best presentations I have ever had. He did an excellent job.

Brian engages people at the highest level! Both with narrative and collaborative structures.

Affirmation that Common Core isn’t the dangerous animal thought to be. Simply put, we need to get the students to think again.

All of the great strategies to take back and use in the classroom

I was engaged at all times. Best workshop I have been to in a while.

I was completely engaged and never bored. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks for coaching us through the activites.

Great job! You were refreshing and right on! Very energetic presenter. Nice humor and active workshop. Definitely not boring.


I would love more trainings with more activities to practice and be given coaching time.

Teachers need to envision exactly how they will use strategies and we got that.

Thanks for separating the thinking skills from the content. Now to do so with my students.

The take-away strategies that can be applied in the classroom immediately w/o a lot of changes to lessons. They are all helpful in adding deeper critical thinking.

The hands-on strategies that provided everyone with activities to use tomorrow.

I’m not a teacher so I will not be taking this into a classroom, however I appreciate knowing what strategies the teachers will be brining to their classroom.


He definitely makes it clear that we need to focus on the verbs we use so often. For example, to show a student that it means to analyze is very important.

Doing/practicing activities to take back and apply to classroom. Also, “Teach Thinking Skills separate from content.”

Great speaker, knowledgeable, lot’s of fun. Great instructional strategies.

The examples of teaching critical thinking.

The initial food analogy was probably the best I’ve heard to differentiate between standards, curriculum and instruction. I will be able to refer back to these analogies as I prepare something for my students to “eat”.

Brian, Keep doing what you do! Never Have I had a presenter commend public school educators and show data that supports such commendations in such a genuine way. You are made for this!

No suggestions, Brian was great.

Very applicable information to be used with my students.

Overall one of the best PD’s I’ve been to.


I enjoyed everything. You were awesome! I loved the energy you brought and your sense of humor.

The most valuable aspect for me was to make learning/thinking fun and engaging.

I loved your sense of humor and the fast pace, as it kept it very engaging! Great Job!

I liked that we were constantly moving throughout the day.

Great job! Clear wrap-up and applications.

Please continue to be direct and to the point. I appreciated the humor and effective use of every minute today. I also appreciated the time to reflect as we learned today.

Speaker kept the attention of the audience with humor.

Brian was great. Fantastic sense of humor. We done – funny and informative.

Enjoyed Brian’s vitality and easy-going attitude. Useful, good icebreakers, friendly environment.

A lot of fun! Thank you for being funny. This made the presentation light and fun

Very engaging. Humor is a good hook, even for adults.

Great job of not being an educational “expert” yet being an entertaining presenter. Wish more people had you background and experience to share with teachers.


Applicable strategies, not overwhelming Common Core information but nice to develop.

Brian has previous career prior to education. As a career tech instructor, that was appreciated, as he didn’t just talk “educator language”, he spoke to us and made things relatable.

The most valuable aspect of the workshop was the wealth of information given to us that I can use in the classroom.

Real-life examples and common sense ideas that got me excited about going back to school.

Nuggets of info and some great tools . . . Lot’s of great idea to take back to the classroom.

Clear instructions; useful take-aways.

Brian was engaging. I totally related to his “late start” in education. I followed a similar path.

I enjoyed the hands on learning that came with the presentation.

The activities we did that I can use in my class.

Coaching and application strategies . . .Like why we transfer and How to transfer.

Useful, new skills to be used in my classroom that my adult learners might actually “buy into.”

The activities/games to incorporate in the classroom.

Specific classroom strategies that teachers could use/implement immediately.

A few strategies to use for Common Core in the classroom

Great work. Thanks for the great training.

Don’t change your presentation. Loved the energy level.

Very enthusiastic and knowledgable. The modeling, practicing and coaching of strategies was incredibly helpful to my team. We are all on the same page as to how the strategy con be used in  many classroom setting.