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Best Practices In the Classroom

Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

We can't pretend not to know.  We know!

We know what works and we know what makes the difference. We have a burgeoning portfolio of "best practices" (Marzano, Pickering, Pollock) that are research-based, teacher-tested, tried and true.  There are the nine families of instructional strategies that work. The repertoire of “best practices”, provide the proven pedagogy for teachers. Embedded in this compendium of practices are the higher order thinking skills that challenge students to do their best:  Finding Similarities and Differences, Summarizing and Note taking, Reinforcing Effort and Recognition, Homework and Practice,  Non linguistic Representation, Cooperative Learning, Setting Objectives and Giving Feedback,  Generating and Testing Hypotheses, Questions, Cues, and Advance Organizers.
              •    Higher order thinking skills (comparing and contrasting, classifying and 
                   sorting, analogies and metaphors)
              •    Summarizing and note taking techniques; setting objectives, non linguistic
              •    Methods for reinforcing effort and providing recognition; generating and
                   testing hypotheses, homework practices
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