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Assessment is Instruction! Instruction is Assessment!

It's not, "Assessment drives instruction", but rather, "Assessment is instruction...and instruction is assessment."  That's how to make sense of the assessment/instruction conundrum.  Using the concept of a balanced assessment plan, teachers explore ways to utilize traditional measurements for grades and rankings, a portfolio process to demonstrate growth and development and performance assessments with scoring rubrics to judge the quality of the learning.  Together, the three methods of assessment are integrated fully into the instructional environment.

Performance Assessment

Rubrics! Rubrics1 Rubrics! Here is what everybody is talking about. I this session, your staff will get the essentials of formative and summative assessments. In this friendly, yet challenging, workshop teachers will work in content and grade level teams to create rubrics and checklists that can be used the very next day. Teachers discover the value of using terms found in state standards for their own classroom rubrics so that students can transfer what they know to the test. Make the connection from teaching to learning to assessment.

How to Raise Test Scores!  

The question on educator’s minds today is about, “How to raise test scores”?  Yet, embedded in this simple question is the complex issue of increased student achievement.  To meet the ultimate challenge of increasing student achievement, and to address this popular theme of, “How to raise test scores”, we need only to look at the existing compendium of best practices.  We can’t pretend not to know.  We know and we’re learning more each and every day. Participants will learn how to teach for the test, not to the test, teach test-taking strategies explicitly, and stress pre-learning strategies for a constructivist approach to teaching and learning.