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Academic Coaching

Fostering Reflective Transfer

Mentor, master teacher, expert coach or peer coach, it does not matter. What matters is that there is an academic coach.

The coach is the missing link between learning in a staff room setting to applying that learning in a classroom setting. With the coaching in place, active transfer from the staff room to the classroom increases from 5% to 95% (Joyce and Showers, 2004). Academic coaching is the key to this astonishing shift from inert knowledge to deep understanding. 

Armed with a repertoire of instructional strategies and coaching techniques that span the spectrum from observation and modeling to video-analysis and journaling; from managing data and identifying needs to reflective dialogues and relevant transfer; from pre and post conferencing to self awareness and self appraisal, the coach is the force that moves the adult learner along the path to reflective practice and significant change. In no uncertain terms, the academic coach makes the difference in the learning journey of the teacher and of the students in that classroom.

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