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About the Brain

Twelve Brain Principals That Make the Difference

Brian Pete & Robin Fogarty

"Twelve Brain Principals" unpacks the research on how the brain learns best. This Nutshell book presents a comprehensive look at each of the twelve principles that teachers use to make quality decisions about brain-friendly instruction. - 130 pgs. (5in x 9in)
Twelve Brain Principles  
Item# N8523   978-0-9717-3324-4 $22.95  

The Hungry Brain

The Nutrition/Cognition Connection

Sue Marcus

Educators are eager to learn about how to guide students in caring for their bodies and, especially, in feeding their brains.  In the rich discussion about different foods, making "smart" choices for the hungry brain is the focus of this book. 99 pgs.  (5in x 9in)

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The Hungry Brain  
Item# N8539   978-0-9763-4263-2 $27.95