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About Students

Differentiated Learning
Different Strokes for Different Folks

Robin Fogarty

If you want to “reach and teach” all kids then you must focus on gathering all the proven tools and strategies.  When teachers have a robust instructional repertoire, students have a robust number of entry points for learning. - 32 pgs.  (5in x 9in)
Differentiated Learning  
Item# 511   978-0-9701665-4-8 $12.00  

Making Sense of Research
On The Brain and Learning

Robin Fogarty

Keep up with the current flow of information on the brain and learning with some basic knowledge of the physiology of the brain, the brain cell, twelve brain principles and what the implications are for schooling. - 34 pgs.  (5in x 9in)
Making Sense of Research  
Item# 516   978-0-9701665-8-6 $12.00  

ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
What We Know, What We Can Do

Sue Marcus

In a Nutshell, ADD provides relevant and practical information for teachers and parents, and for the youngsters who struggle to "control themselves." (5in x 9in)

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ADD: What We Know, What We Can Do  
Item# 535   978-0-9763426-2-5 $15.00