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About Instruction

Close the Achievement Gap
Simple Strategies That Work

Brian Pete & Robin Fogarty

Strategies that work to close the achievement gap are simple, straight-forward and success-oriented. From higher order thinking, to routinely re-teaching, to unpacking the language of the tests, these are ideas that integrate into the daily routines of the k12 classroom. - 70 pgs.  (5in x 9in)
Close the Achievement Gap  
Item# N8533   978-0-9747-4165-9 $22.95  

Higher Order Thinking Skills

Challenging All Students to Achieve

R. Bruce Williams

Explicit instruction in thinking skills
must be a priority goal of all teachers. The author presents a framework of the 5Rs: Relevancy, Richness, Relatedness, Rigor, and Recursiveness, in this Nutshell book. - 95 pgs.  (5in x 9in)
Higher Order Thinking Skills  
Item# N8526   978-0971-7332-5-1 $25.95  

Nine Best Practices That Make the Difference

Brian Pete & Robin Fogarty

Nine research-based, teacher-tested, tried and true strategies that work to increase student achievement. The ideas for immediate classroom use are captured in a Nutshell for K-12 teachers. - 150 pgs. (5in x 9in)

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Nine Best Practices  
Item# N8524   978-0-9717-3323-7 $22.95  

Informative Assessment: When It's Not About a Grade

Robin Fogarty & Gene Kerns
Instruction and assessment go hand in hand. In fact, assessments inform instruction with both formative and summative data. The striking difference between assessments of instruction and assessment for instruction is found in the following two questions: How did I do? while, assessment for instruction asks: How am I doing?

Informative Assessment  
Item# N8550   978-1-4129-7542-1 $24.95