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About Differentiation

How to Differentiate Learning

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

Robin Fogarty and Brian Pete

Teach me! Teach my brain! Brain science offers the most compelling reasons for differentiating learning.  Find out how to differentiate curriculum, instruction and assessment by changing the content, the processes and the products. 99 pgs.  (5in x 9in)
How to Differentiate Learning  
Item# N8537   978-0-9763-4261-8 $22.95  

Cooperative Learning
A Standard for High Achievement

R. Bruce Williams

Cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork are the hallmarks of achievement in the high achieving classroom. Start with the basics and learn to decide, design and develop lessons that tap into the spirit and power of the team. - 68 pgs.  (5in x 9in)
Cooperative Learning  
Item# N8518   978-0-9701-6655-5 $21.95  

Multiple Intelligence for Differentiated Learning

R. Bruce Williams

Begin the conversation about MI. Move from curiosity to confidence in understanding and using MI theory in practical ways in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. This is a treasure chest of MI ideas. - 97 pgs.  (5in x 9in)

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Multiple Intelligences  
Item# N8522   978-0-9717-3321-3 $22.95