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10 Ways to Get your "Student Body" in Shape for Common Core

  1 - Clarify Specifically What College Career Ready Looks Like? CCSS Link

  2 - Apply the Exemplars and Performance Tasks in ELA Appendix B.CCSS  Link

  3 - Determine Lexile Levels to Raise the Bar on Rigor CCSS  Link

  4 - Compare and Contrast Student Data Along the Way  Link

  5 - Understand the Analytical Strategies of Close Reading RFA Link ASCD Link

  6 - Evaluate Student Proficiencies with Thinking Skills in CCSS. RFA Link

  7 - Develop Parallel Performance Tasks Using Your Resources.

  8 - Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate Real World Projects. 21st Century Schools Link

  9 - Generate Units that Develop Concept, Building Vocabulary and Engage Learners RFA Link

  10 - Explain that the Core of Common Core is Common Sense Reasoning RFA Link